Create Your Own Reality
The Ancient Wisdom

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Annie Jennings PR
Annie Jennings PR
Annie is the premier author's PR firm. She places authors in the top 40 media market and has generously offered 20 of her CD's for immediate download. There is more information packed into these CD programs that will help you improve your business regardless of the industry.
BONUS #1   Get Your FREE Publicity CD "The Making Of A Million Dollar Expert" 
BONUS #2:  Get 10 More Book Marketing & Publicity Audio Recordings (Sold Online At The Annie Jennings PR Shopping Cart For $97 Per Recording).


  • Share Your Message With Millions, Be A National Sensation
  • Have Global Impact & Live The Life Of Your Dream
  • The Mindset Of A Million Dollar Expert (Special Presentation Classic Never Fail PR Tip
  • How To Create A Platform Of Influence For Optimal Competitive Positioning
  • The Making Of A Million Dollar Expert
  • Conversation About Media Websites - How To Create A Site The Media Will Love!
  • How To Optimize Your Radio, TV, and Print Media for Maximum Exposure
  • Create Your Optimal PR Game Plan To Mega Launch Your New Book & Create Expert Status
  • Radio Stories: The Good, The Bad & The Absolute Horrible - Up Close & Personal With BIG National Radio Producer
  • Perfection In TV Performance with Larry Conroy - Tips For Looking & Performing Your Best In A TV Interview
$ 1,067.00

Dave Sheffield
Contact Dave Sheffield for your bonus
Discover your success recipe!  The Shef is one  of North America’s most requested speakers on motivation, leadership, and communication.  This limited time offer will include:

"The Shef’s Comprehensive Goal Setting Guideline"
"Branding Yourself to Stand Out"
And "Sewing Your Seeds of Greatness" 

$ 197.00 


Shelby Collinge
Do You Know What Your Problem Is?
Your Beliefs!
That's right!  You may think it's your job, the economy, your parents fault or maybe even your spouse or significant other.  But the fact of the matter is, your beliefs are NOT in alignment with what you WANT.  In fact you're probably part of the 95+% of the population that thinks about what they DON'T WANT all day long.  Well I have good news for you!

I'm going to give you two free gifts that will help you control your 'stinkin thinkin'.  These two gifts will shed a new light on how you've been thinking and open your mind up to NEW kinds of beliefs and expectations.

$ 45.00


Edwin Edebiri
Special One Hour of In-Dept Coaching
More and more people want someone to guide and partner with them to help develop real strategies so that they can not only reach long-desired goals, but also create and achieve new visions -- visions that tap into their true potential at work and home.   At Win Coach our purpose is "inspire and encourage others to their full potential and have a positive impact on the world through service and love." 
$ 350.00 


Jen Blackert
3 Fabulous Bonus Gifts:
1. 101 Online List Building Ideas 
2. The 1st chapter:
  Seven Dragons book 
3. Bi-monthly tips and lessons 
$ 149.00

Ray DuGray & Maria Ngo
Think Rich Success Network  | TRSN
Lifetime Virtual Social Club Membership
Begin building your wealth today. JOIN NOW

$ 197.00


Pamela Harper
Re-Invent Yourself CD's
What is is that you'd like to change but haven't been able to find the right tools or process? Pamela's program will help you learn what the first step is and how to implement it in your life, today!
$ 49.00


Jim Bouchard
Ameria's Powervational Speaker
Power Page 
Nearly half of New Year resolutions fail before the end of January! You don't need need a REVOLUTION!

Download this program FREE and start your New Year REVOLUTION! ($49.95 value!)

WARNING! For Younger Ears...Jim gets carried away and uses the word "Bulls*#t" in the first part of the audio program. We would have talked him out of it, but it's the right word!
Happy New Year from the DCPP Staff!

PS...You Can Start YOUR New Year REVOLUTION Any Time of Year!!!

$ 49.00

Joe Sabah

Top 10 Telephone Tips to Make Your
Radio Talk Show Pay Off Handsomely E-Zine

Denver Author Reveals the Secrets He Used to Sell Over $357,000 Worth of Books Without Leaving His Home

  • Sell your books without having to leave your home 

  • Have the money in YOUR bank even BEFORE you send out the books
$ 247.00

The skies the limit when you use the techniques

Anthony Treas
Transform Your Life
12 Top Life Transformation experts reveal how you can make impactful changes in your life that will last, and the best thing can start making those changes today!

Linda Hollander
The Ultimate Resource Guide
Have you ever been stuck trying to find the perfect resources for your insurance needs, tax requirements,  business services or even how to write a business plan?

The Ultimate Resource Guide will answer all those pesky questions that you face as an entrepreneur. Get it Now!

$ 200.00

Joan Marie Whelan
Free 3-part teleclass based on the best-selling book:  Soul Discovery:  9 Principles for Revealing Your Sacred Gifts

Join internationally acclaimed intuition expert and best-selling author, Joan Marie Whelan, on a unforgettable journey of discovery...YOUR Soul Discovery.  This class will help you release every lie and every excuse that has ever held you back from realizing your biggest dreams. 

You'll learn:

Your purpose on earth and reveal your special gifts How to unravel your authentic self and re-connect with your Soul on a personal and deep level The skills necessary to dramatically improve your self-image 

And so much more!

$ 279.00

Milo Shapiro
Speaking Effortlessly: Top Ten Things You Can Do To Blow It In Your First Ten Seconds
from his book “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”.  Those first ten seconds can make an audience want to give you their undivided attention…or start doodling shopping lists.  It’s all up to you!

Milo Shapiro's approach to the topic of public speaking skills (be it for platform, one-on-one, or on-camera speaking) is more playful and interactive than most trainers; clients enjoy learning with less stress.  Yet his techniques are grounded in the same training that led to his own keynote presentations for organizations like Minolta, Southwest Airlines, and Wellpoint/BlueCross.

$ 15.00

Erika Duffy
The Science to "The Secret"
The subconscious mind creates or allows your reality based on its' programming. It cannot decipher fact from fiction and can either sabotage or create whatever you desire. Everyone's programming is different because of what they experienced and learned as a child. Learn what your programming is and how to overcome the only obstacle you have.....yourself!  Live your full potential. My gift to you is a teleconference called "The Science to The Secret of Wealth, Health and Success". Here you will learn tools and techniques to apply daily for immediate growth and positive change. You can also download a pdf file of The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles
$ 149.00

Bruce Painter
How to Get Stellar Results Using Your
“Giving Intelligence”
Bruce Painter, best-selling author of The Giving Zone, professional speaker, coach, and Executive Producer of Giving Zone Radio says, “Learn to use your Giving Intelligence – because you will increase your ability to make your professional and personal dreams come true.”
Answer this short enlightening quiz:
1. Do you sometimes give too much to others – your children, your family, and your friends?
2. Do some people become too dependent on you?
3. Do you give freely, but find it difficult to let others give freely to you?
4. Do you experience happiness when you give?
Increase your “Giving Intelligence” because you will have more wealth, more time, more happiness, and improved relationships.  And if you have highly developed giving intelligence, you have mastered the ability to give others what they want.  In turn you attract others who masterfully give you what you want. 
Quiz answers showing maximum Giving Intelligence 
[(1. No), (2. No), (3. No), (4. Yes)]
Listen to the audio and receive an extra gift of a 30 minute private consultation on Increasing Your Giving Intelligence.
$ 50.00

Sharyn Abbott
The Decoder Ring
Uncover the Code of Success and surround yourself with a circle of supporters that will have your business most successful faster than anything else you can do. The audio program and workbook will guide you each step of the way!
$ 197.00

Lori Kirstein
Mother Love - A Personal Journey
The unique story of one woman's 15-year journey through mental illness and healing, and her sometimes humorous search for spiritual answers  - a search galvanized by her 1988 introduction to Ammachi, otherwise known as
"The Hugging Saint".

Have you ever asked yourself the tough questions?

"What 'good' does it do to have God in my life?"

"How do I have faith when bad things happen?"

"Where is God when I'm suffering?"

And have you ever had God walk into your life - literally - and asked: 

"What do I do now???"

Join Lori on her journey from her unplanned introduction (and her resultant deep and unexpected devotion) to Ammachi ("Mother"), to her resultant search for individual and global spiritual truths.  This extremely personal account of seeking the place where spirit meets the earthly traveler is a hand extended to all of us who are looking for answers through spirituality, greater understanding,
and laughter!

$ 25.00

Creative Impressions
Publishing Secrets
Up until this very moment you and everyone else believed that all the profits from selling a book belonged to the publisher and the brick and mortar or on line stores! Not true! For the first time there is a program that will give each and every author the lion's share of the profits! Imagine taking control of your on publishing and generating multiple streams of income from your intellectual property! The day has finally arrived!
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