About Sharyn

       Writing this book wan a six-year process. While writing other works, I wanted to share my insights every time I met someone who was struggling with his or her life. My biggest source of inspiration has been my brother Tony. I watched him time and time again overcome the many obstacles that life presented him and always with the most amazing attitude. I am grateful for his inspiration to always look at life from an objective point of view.
      For every person who has come into my life, this book has been inspired by you and for you.
     No matter what you have experienced, it is perfect. Once you realize that and stop resisting what is going on in your life, you’ll be amazed at how easy your life lessons are. It’s only in the resistance to the lessons that makes it difficult. Be in the moment, appreciate everyday and embrace those you love to the fullest!
      Please enjoy your journey and let me hear about your life altering transitions.