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Sharyn Bio

Sharyn is 4th generation born in San Francisco and was raised in a family that spent the majornity of their time and effort trying to survive financially. Its not an uncommon story, but what is uncommon is how she took the rejection and abuse of her dysfunctional parents and turned it into an amazing joyous way of living. 
It took many years of learning, investigating a multitude of concepts and learning how to stay in the moment. She shares those concepts freely to enable other to shed the chains of their past emotional challenges.
Since 1990, Sharyn has been guiding entrepreneurs towards a more successful business through her business development organization. Her common theme has been to encourage others to follow their passion, change one thing at a time until they have the best life they can design and to have joy in each every day. Every experience is meant to enrich our lives, not wear us out.
Sharyn has taken her beautiful journey and committed her process of gaining complete awareness of her journey to her new book “Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom” which was released on July 8th.
Please help support Sharyn in her quest to enlighten others to the simple quest of living life on purpose with joy and fulfillment.


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