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New book by victim-turned-businesswoman proves that anyone can change their life

Sharyn Ayn's new book, “Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom,” details the authors' trials from an abusive childhood through surviving near-death experiences and how she applies the lessons she's learned toward helping others who feel lost, helpless, or emotionally distraught.

San Ramon, CA – Sharyn Ayn is no stranger to conflict.  She grew up in an abusive home, endured a dysfunctional marriage, and contracted Epstein Bar Syndrome through a doctor-administered tetanus shot – all before she developed breast cancer.  Somehow, Sharyn survived it all and launched one of the most successful business organizations in California. She details how she thrived despite it all in her new book, “Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom.”

“I was told five times in a 12-year period that I only had six months to live,” the author explained.  “What I realized during this process was that we have an obligation of investigating resources until we find solutions.  We're told that we can't live, that we can't have that job, that we have to stay in a bad marriage; but those are situations simply subjected on us by others. As individuals we have to learn to take the responsibility for ourselves.”

“Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom” recounts Sharyn‘s struggles that left her with many emotional challenges. She learned not to accept what she was told at face value.  She was inspired to pen the book when her brother Tony passed away five months ago after she had cared for him during the last two years of his life.

“Of all the people I've known, he had more challenges thrown at him, yet he went through life with more humor and good-nature than anyone,” Sharyn said. “I believe that if more people were aware that they are the ones in control of their lives, they could have more fulfilled lives.”

Attitude, Sharyn explained, is the key to achieving life-long happiness.  The author stresses that anyone who feels stuck in their job, trapped in their relationship, or facing life's grim inevitables can change their outlook and thus change their life by adjusting their attitude, and making changes, one at a time. 

“Everyone has this magnificent within them that's often dormant.  You either rise up and live your life or continue doing what you're doing.  It's my hope that this book will give readers the inspiration they need to make the changes they want starting today, and to let them know that they can indeed make those changes.”

“Create Your Own Reality – The Ancient Wisdom” will be available for purchase beginning July 8, 2008, at http://www.createyours2.com.

Since 1991, Sharyn Ayn has helped thousands of victims overcome major health issues by directing them to curative resources.  As a regional radio personality and television guest, Ayn strives to help others find joy every day through following their passions.

To request an interview contact:  Sharyn Ayn    –    510-467-3402    –    sharyn@createyours2.com


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